UNIPAL® Technology Advances


UNIPAL® is one of the most innovative and successful technologies in the pallet and packaging industry, and certainly the paper pallet industry.  The UNIPAL® pallet is proven globally with Licensees both domestically and internationally manufacturing and selling product.  Existing UI Licensees have already manufactured and sold in excess of millions of units worldwide.  UNIPAL® corrugated technology provides for several competitive advantages over other paper, wood, and plastic product that will continue our ability to meet with global demand.

Manufacturing Equipment

Unipal Manufacturing Video

Patented UNIPAL® design product is made from corrugated paper as its primary raw material.  Existing, industry standard die cutting equipment cuts the corrugated blanks which are fed into the streamline, UNIPAL® machine for folding, which produces the unique parametrically folded and glued UNIPAL® “corrugated lumber.”  Latest machine technology also allows for die cutting on the fly.  Unipal International Ltd. Co. has a secured supplier for all its patented machinery and equipment requirements.  Improvements on equipment continue to be made to increase production capabilities with this already cutting edge technology.

Use of Existing Capabilities

Taking little space, the UNIPAL® manufacturing equipment line can maximize the use of existing infrastructure, and provide extra production capacity by exploiting existing operation resources in a corrugation, or other manufacturing facility.  The inherent cleanliness of the product and the manufacturing process makes for a value added opportunity for even the most particular factory environments.

Patented Technology


In addition to four UNIPAL® product patents, UNIPAL® technology also includes two patents for the machines which manufacture the corrugated components or lumber.

Recognized Trademark/Brand

UNIPAL® is a registered trademark. As a result of international market penetration, the UNIPAL® name is already an established brand in markets worldwide.

Superior Design

Unique UNIPAL® manufacturing technology produces a parametrically folded corrugated components resembling lumber. The components, or UNIPAL “corrugated lumber,” make for a modular system for manufacturing and assembling products. UNIPAL® engineered products made with UNIPAL® corrugated lumber provides outstanding beam strength to the construction of products, akin to that in the construction of wood products. Award winning for the most innovative supply chain solution, UNIPAL® manufactured products outperform all other corrugated shipping goods in the market today.

Ability to Assemble Remotely


Owing to the unique design, the disassembled, or “knocked down (KD)” pallets, crates, and products can be transported to remote assembly locations for even more economical shipping. Ease of safe handling without mechanical assistance and the ability for remote assembly of UNIPAL® modular, corrugated components provides a competitive edge.

Product Range

UNIPAL® technology affords a full range of products and is much more than a pallet.” The exclusive UNIPAL® manufacturing technology provides for the ability to create any number of custom pallets, crates, and packaging product variations using patented UNIPAL® corrugated lumber. This has proved advantageous in serving unique customer needs and carving out niche markets. The flexible nature of UNIPAL® product also allows for quick design modifications to service even the most demanding of customer needs.

Aesthetic Design

UNIPAL® products are clean and aesthetically attractive. They may readily be printed on therefore support point of sale displays, and offer a unique marketing opportunity to customers seeking additional branding.

Competitive Shipping

UNIPAL® unites strong performance and light weight into one innovative product. The demand for light weight alternatives to heavier wood and plastic shipping platforms and containers in many industries as result of rising fuel costs remains one of the key industry drivers for change.

Clean and Compliant


Issues of contamination and an increased stringency in regulations, such as international phytosanitary regulations, and other hurdles that govern the use of wooden shipping products today are leading the market to seek alternatives. UNIPAL®, the first branded corrugated pallet worldwide, offers a viable solution to these new challenges facing the market today.


Recylable Paper / Repulpable Coatings


Industry advances provide for a variety of UNIPAL® compatible, repulpable and sustainable options that are wax free. Current available coatings used in combination with manufactured UNIPAL® products can provide solutions to satisfy even the most particular of customer needs.

For additional information regarding recyclability, please contact the American Forest & Paper Association.