UNIPAL® IV / ”UNIPAL® Transport” – low profile pallet

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With the ever increasing rise in energy prices, the effort to reduce the weight of shipments has brought more focus on the packaging and pallets used in shipping. A typical wood or plastic pallet weighs more than 50-60 pounds. The introduction and use of the UNIPAL® Transport pallet (referred to also in the market as an “elevated slip sheet” or "low profile pallet"), will reduce this weight to 7 pounds or less, depending on size. In addition, because the UNIPAL® Transport pallet is no more than 3 inches in height, it increases the loadable cubic space within the trailer/container, frequently allowing for another layer of product. Some renowned companies have already adopted the use of the low profile, transport pallets, and have reported achieving highly significant savings. The low cost, UNIPAL® Transport pallet is meant for one-way use, and handled only by forklifts.

The UNIPAL® Transport pallet, as with all UNIPAL® products, may be easily recycled alongside all other recyclable packaging materials. As noted by reputable industry spectators, use of a transport pallet is not only a sensible means for reducing shipping cost, but can help provide a solution to those issues of accounting often associated with third party lease pallets. With use of the UNIPAL® Transport pallet, heavier and more expensive third party lease pallets would be relegated to in-house use only and would no longer leave the dock.