UNIPAL® Pallets

Because of its unique design, UNIPAL® outperforms all other corrugated pallets on the market today.  UNIPAL® flexible construction enables a large variety of sizes and 2-way, or 4-way entry solutions with beam strength in all directions, comparable to that found in the construction of wood pallets.  The UNIPAL® pallet unites strong performance and light weight into one innovative product.  It guarantees easy and safe handling without any mechanical assistance.  UNIPAL® products meet all packaging requirements (phytosanitary measures ISPM-15) for today’s international shipping as well as high standards of cleanliness.  Printed UNIPAL® pallets can carry not only your product, but your message out to the world.  The possibility of assembling UNIPAL® pallets at the point of use provides important transport and storage advantages.  By using UNIPAL® you will be choosing an environmentally friendly way of doing business.  Inherent to UNIPAL® product is ease of customization and unit load design.  UNIPAL® technology, applied in unit load design, works as a systems-based technology that can help optimize efficiency in unit load material handling.  With UNIPAL®, you get much more than a pallet.

Print & Stationary

UNIPAL® I - stringer pallet/skid

Having no bottom deck boards, the UNIPAL® I is constructed for use as both a pallet and a skid. Access is not restricted for either fork lift tines or wheeled pallet jacks. Though absent bottom deck boards, the UNIPAL® I lattice construction provides a “footprint (contact with the floor)” of approximately 80% of that provided with any standard “five bottom deck board” wooden pallet, creating a stable design that distributes the load to the bottom surface more evenly. The UNIPAL® I supplies beam strength in all directions, and therefore is capable of supporting loads that are not fully unitized. This pallet design is available with 4-way entry capability, and has dynamic load ratings to or exceeding 2000 pounds. The UNIPAL® I, and all other UNIPAL® pallet designs, are ISPM-15 compliant.


UNIPAL® II - stringer pallet/skid

The UNIPAL® II design has no bottom deck boards and provides easy access for wheeled pallet jacks and forklift tines. UNIPAL® II construction eliminates the need for a top sheet. The UNIPAL® technology “Hasbro, Lincoln Log” like manufacturing concept of interlocking beams (also enabling remote assembly), distinguishes the UNIPAL® pallet from the wood pallet skid whereby the top deck boards are nailed to the stringers/runners. As with the UNIPAL® I, this pallet/skid design can be used where 4-way entry is needed, but may be used for racking when constructed for 2-way entry only (the amount of the load is subject to user testing and based on type of load). The UNIPAL® II is capable of transporting loads in excess of 2000 pounds.


UNIPAL® IV / ”UNIPAL® Block” – block pallet

Market acceptance and demand for block-style pallets is growing at a very rapid rate around the world. The UNIPAL® Block pallet design allows for full 4-way access for both pallet jack and forklift tines. The UNIPAL® Block pallet corrugated designs use the industry typical 9 or 12 block design. Static load capacity exceeds 10,000 pounds while the dynamic load capacity is well in excess of 2,000 pounds for unitized loads.

The UNIPAL® Block pallet design incorporates the “picture frame” top deck, similar to that of the leading market third party lease pallet. While providing beam strength allowing for loads that are not fully unitized, it is perfect for use in situations where shipments are handled with squeeze clamp trucks and protects loads from direct exposure to the forklift/pallet jack tines. This feature is unique to the UNIPAL® Block pallet only, and not found with any other corrugated pallet.


UNIPAL® VI / ”UNIPAL® Transport” – low profile pallet

With the ever increasing rise in energy prices, the effort to reduce the weight of shipments has brought more focus on the packaging and pallets used in shipping. A typical wood or plastic pallet weighs more than 50-60 pounds. The introduction and use of the UNIPAL® Transport pallet (referred to also in the market as an “elevated slip sheet” or "low profile pallet"), will reduce this weight to 7 pounds or less, depending on size. In addition, because the UNIPAL® Transport pallet is no more than 3 inches in height, it increases the loadable cubic space within the trailer/container, frequently allowing for another layer of product. Some renowned companies have already adopted the use of the low profile, transport pallets, and have reported achieving highly significant savings. The low cost, UNIPAL® Transport pallet is meant for one-way use, and handled only by forklifts.

The UNIPAL® Transport pallet, as with all UNIPAL® products, may be easily recycled alongside all other recyclable packaging materials. As noted by reputable industry spectators, use of a transport pallet is not only a sensible means for reducing shipping cost, but can help provide a solution to those issues of accounting often associated with third party lease pallets. With use of the UNIPAL® Transport pallet, heavier and more expensive third party lease pallets would be relegated to in-house use only and would no longer leave the dock.