UNIPAL® Crates and Frames

All UNIPAL® crates begin with a UNIPAL® frame.  UNIPAL® frames can be described as a three dimensional pallet that provides complete protection for its contents.  UNIPAL® frames and crates are generally stackable and can be fitted with a made to order interior support matrix, inflatable or foam cushions, or even an anti-corrosive box.  The special construction of UNIPAL® frames and crates using UNIPAL® corrugated lumber, affords the flexibility to readily adapt design to service even the most unique customer needs. The frame requires no glue and can be disassembled easily.  It can be reused and components can be replaced or combined to achieve a maximum lifetime.  The strong construction of UNIPAL® frames is the perfect solution if you need more than a pallet.

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UNIPAL® Crates - crating

Fabricated using UNIPAL® “corrugated lumber,” corrugated components are used to construct a wide range of UNIPAL® crates. These crates truly surpass in performance the corrugated boxes commonly found in the market today. UNIPAL® corrugated lumber is placed between two opposing corrugated sheets in such as way or pattern so as to produce panels that have significant edge and surface crush, replicating panels similarly made using plywood or other manufactured wood products. The advantages of using the UNIPAL® Crates compared to other wood manufactured crates are clear when considering the significant reduction in weight and therefore cost in shipping. UNIPAL® Crates are also safe to handle and easy to dispose of. Many UNIPAL® Crate designs are collapsible and may be reused. As with all UNIPAL® pallets and products, UNIPAL® Crates are fully compliant to all ISPM-15 standards.


UNIPAL® top cover for strapping


UNIPAL® frame for the transport of paper reels