UNIPAL® IV / ”UNIPAL® Block” – block pallet

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Market acceptance and demand for block-style pallets is growing at a very rapid rate around the world. The UNIPAL® Block pallet design allows for full 4-way access for both pallet jack and forklift tines. The UNIPAL® Block pallet corrugated designs use the industry typical 9 or 12 block design. Static load capacity exceeds 10,000 pounds while the dynamic load capacity is well in excess of 2,000 pounds for unitized loads.

The UNIPAL® Block pallet design incorporates the “picture frame” top deck, similar to that of the leading market third party lease pallet. While providing beam strength allowing for loads that are not fully unitized, it is perfect for use in situations where shipments are handled with squeeze clamp trucks and protects loads from direct exposure to the fork lift/pallet jack tines. This feature is unique to the UNIPAL® Block pallet only, and not found with any other corrugated pallet.