UNIPAL® Performance and Testing


UNIPAL® corrugated products are a strong contender to wood and plastic, matching performance abilities, while offering enhanced capabilities in recyclability, ease of transport, and distinctive opportunities for cost reduction

Independent tests have been performed by the William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet & Container Research Laboratory at the Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA; RVR Package Testing Center, Houston, TX; PIRA International; Cascade Technical Sciences, Inc., Longmont, CO; and others. Results of these tests have proven the UNIPAL® pallets to be superior in performance in many areas to all other corrugated pallets tested.

More than a pallet, the unique construction of UNIPAL® corrugated lumber provides not only an outstanding industry-competitive pallet or shipping platform with unique advantages, but the flexibility to participate in many other value-added product manufacturing and marketing opportunities, such as crating and dunnage.

Proven UNIPAL® technology is one of the most innovative and successful technologies in the pallet and packaging industry, and certainly the corrugated pallet industry. Today, UNIPAL® pallets, crates and shipping products are used worldwide to transport goods.

UNIPAL Corrugated Pallet Comparison

Feature Unipal Wood Plastic
Recyclable Yes No No
Hygienic & Dry Yes No Yes
Lightweight Yes No No
Safe Handling Yes No Yes
Compression Ability Yes No No
ISPM 15 Compliant Yes No Yes