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Unipal International, Ltd. Co., is proud to offer industry leaders and visionaires the ability to capitalize on a transformational market that has arisen due to regulatory, industry, and global economic changes, and green initiatives. Industry leaders can leverage their existing manufacturing capabilities to establish innovative, paper pallet and packaging businesses in their domestic and international markets with "UNIPAL" patented, corrugated paperboard lumber. This successful technology can be used to create an entire corrugated product line consisting of pallets, crates, and other unique packaging or value added solutions for shipping, handling, and storage. UNIPAL technology alone provides for a superior product that singularly is positioned to meet the evolving industry and global market demands. Unipal International, Ltd. Co. is currently seeking to expand its national and international network of UNIPAL production facilities, exploring any number of avenues including both company owned and Licensee owned operations, through strategic partnership and invesment opportunities in specific regions or entire countries where UNIPAL is not yet in production.


All UNIPAL Proprietary Rights, including all Intellectual Property in relation to the UNIPAL product line (All of the UNIPAL product line including crating and dunnage made from pallet members, the supporting UNIPAL manufacturing system, all registered and unregistered rights relative to inventions, technical information, patents trademarks, designs, models, copyrights, and domain name, etc.), Licenses (All Licensing arrangements, and contracted rights and obligations), and all related technologies are owned and controlled solely by Unipal International, Ltd. Co. Unipal International, Ltd. Co. through it's International Licensing Program, licenses the UNIPAL technology for use in other countries. Licensing is available by country, or by region. The Unipal International, Ltd. Co. Licensing Agreement stipulates an up-front fee for licensing, annual renewal fees, and contains a provision for quarterly payments of royalties. Unipal International, Ltd. Co. is currently exploring avenues by which to expand the production footprint and will consider international strategic alliances, partnerships and investment opportunities in specific areas, regions and/or entire countries, especially in certain key locations around the world,as the opportunity and business prudence prescribes.

For those interested in how to become a member of our worldwide licensee manufacturing and marketing organization, please contact:

William Watson
Unipal International, Ltd. Co.
PO Box 1277
Boise, ID 83701-1277
877.839.3943 p