About Our Company


"UNIPAL" is one of the most innovative technologies in the pallet and packaging industry, and certainly without comparison within the corrugated pallet industry. Unipal International, Ltd. Co., is now proud to offer industry leaders and visionaries the ability to capitalize on a transformational market that has arisen due to regulatory, industry, and global economic changes, and green initiatives.

UNIPAL technology alone provides for a superior product that is strategically positioned to meet the evolving industry and global market demands. This successful technology can be used to create an entire product line consisting of corrugated transportation platforms or containers and other unique packaging or value added solutions for shipping and storage. Industry leaders can leverage their existing manufacturing capabilities, or vertically integrate these environmental friendly products to establish an innovative, corrugated pallet and packaging business in their domestic and international markets with "UNIPAL" patented, "corrugated paperboard lumber."

UNIPAL product is proven globally, with Unipal International, Ltd, Co. Licensees both domestically and internationally, currently manufacturing and selling. These existing UNIPAL providers have already manufactured and sold in excess of 15 million units worldwide.

Unipal International, Ltd. Co. is seeking out opportunities to expand both domestically and internationally offering proven and patented UNIPAL product in key locations throughout the world including China, India, and other countries where UNIPAL is not yet in production.

UI Management Team

H. Larry Leasure, Managing Member
Norwyn Newby, Managing Member
William H. Watson, Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Costabile, Advisory Board Member
Stanley M. Lee, Technical Director.